New Zealand eTA Overview

New Zealand has opened up its borders to international visitors with an easy to apply online process for entry requirements via the eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization. This regime is launched in August 2019 by the Government of New Zealand. The New Zealand eTA Visa allows residents of 60 Visa Waiver countries to acquire this Visa Online. New Zealand Visa Waiver countries are also known as Visa Free. This eTA Visa contributes to International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy so that Government can maintain and upkeep the environment and tourist places visited by visitors to New Zealand.

All passengers coming to New Zealand for short trips need to apply for a New Zealand Esta, this includes even the crew staff of Airlines and Cruise ships. There is no requirement to:

  1. Visit local New Zealand Embassy.
  2. New Zealand consulate or High Commission.
  3. Courier your passport for New Zealand Visa stamping in paper format.
  4. Make an appointment for interview.
  5. Pay in cheque, cash or over the counter.

The entire process can be complete on this website via simple and streamlined New Zealand Esta Application Form. There are a few simple questions that need to be answers in this application form. This application form can be complete in two (2) minutes approximately by most applicants surveyed by the New Zealand Government before launch. Within 72 hours a decision is made by the Immigration Officers of the New Zealand Government and you will be notified of the decision and approval by email.

You can then visit airport or cruise ship with either a soft electronic copy of the approved New Zealand eTA Visa or you can print this out on a physical paper and carry it to the airport. Note that this New Zealand Esta is valid for up to two years.

When you filed for a New Zealand eTA Visa, we do not ask for your passport at any stage, but we would like to remind you that there should be two (2) blank pages on your passport. This is a requirement of the airport immigration officers in your home country so that they can put an entry / exit stamp on your passport for your journey to New Zealand.

One of the benefits to visitors to New Zealand is that New Zealand Government Border officers will not turn you back from the airport because a vetting of your application would be done prior to your arrival, also you cannot be turned back at the airport / cruise ship in your home country because you will have a valid eTA Visa for New Zealand. A number of visitors would be otherwise turned back at the airport if they had past offences against them in their records.