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eTA New Zealand Visa is a new entry requirement that provides authorisation to travel to and enter New Zealand for short-term stays, tourism or business visitor activities. All non-citizens require a Visa or electronic Travel Authorization to enter New Zealand.

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What is eTA New Zealand?

The New Zealand eTA (Electronic Travel Authority) (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorisation) is an electronic travel authorisation which was launched by the Immigration Agency, Government of New Zealand after July 2019.

It is obligatory for citizens of all 60 visa waiver countries to obtain New Zealand eTA (Electronic Travel Authority), and all cruise travelers, by October 2019. All airline and cruise line crew will also need to hold a Crew New Zealand eTA (Electronic Travel Authority) before travelling to New Zealand (NZ).

The New Zealand eTA (Electronic Travel Authority) is valid for a period of 2 years and can be used for multiple visits. Applicants can apply for NZ eTA from their mobile, tablet, PC or computer and receive it in their email inbox by using this New Zealand eTA application form.

It is quick process which requires you filling an New Zealand eTA application form online, this can as little as five (5) minutes to complete. This is a completely online process. The payment for NZeTA can be made by Debit / Credit card or PayPal. eTA New Zealand eTA (NZeTA) is issued within 48-72 hours after the application form has been successfully completed and fee paid by the applicant online.

eTA New Zealand Authorized Stay and Validity

The New Zealand eTA grants visitors a stay of up to ninety (90) days in New Zealand.

Travelers can apply for the New Zealand eTA at any time before their expected departure date. Most applications will be processed within 1 business day, however some applications may take longer to process, up to 3 business days. The NZeTA has a validity of 2 years from the moment of approval and can be used for multiple entries.

The NZeTA can be obtained by completing a simple and straightforward online application form. Applicants must provide their personal details, travel information and passport data. For those who are travelling for tourism purposes the payment will include the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). Australian permanent residents are not required to pay the IVL.

Visa waiver countries and territories

Citizens and nationals from the countries listed below are eligible to apply online for a New Zealand eTA. Australian Permanent residents can also apply for an NZeTA. Some countries may only apply for Transit.

Austria Andorra Argentina Belgium Bulgaria Bahrain Brazil Brunei Cyprus Croatia
Czech Republic Canada Chile Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary
Hong Kong Ireland Italy Iceland Israel Japan Kuwait Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Liechtenstein Malta Macau Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Monaco Netherlands Norway Oman
Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Slovakia Singapore Slovenia Sweden San Marino Saudi Arabia
Spain Seychelles South Korea Switzerland Taiwan UK UAE United States Uruguay Vatican City

Transit visa waiver countries

Bahamas Bermuda Bolivia Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador Indonesia Kiribati Micronesia Marshall Islands
Nauru Palau Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Solomon Islands Samoa Thailand
Tonga Tuvalu Vanuatu Venezuela

Transit Passenger

If you are passing through New Zealand on your way to another country, find out if you need an NZeTA.

Transit through New Zealand

  • If you pass through New Zealand on your way to another country and do not plan to stay you are called a transit passenger.
  • As a transit passenger you can only travel through Auckland International Airport where you must stay in the transit area of the airport or on board your craft.
  • Depending on the passport you travel on you may need to request an NZeTA or apply for a Transit Visa before you travel.
  • If you plan to leave the airport and visit New Zealand you may have to apply for a visa before you travel.

Arriving by cruide ship

If you are flying to New Zealand to join your cruise, you must have:

Transit through New Zealand

If you plan to visit New Zealand for a short period, you must request an NZeTA before you travel if you:

If you are flying into New Zealand to join your cruise, you must have:

  • an NZeTA if you are from a visa waiver country, or
  • a visa if you are from a country that requires a visa to visit New Zealand.

Information required for New Zealand Visa Online

New Zealand eTA (Electronic Travel Authority) applicants will need to provide the following information at the time of filling out online New Zealand eTA application form:

  • Name, surname and date of birth
  • Passport number, expiry date
  • Contact information such as address and email
  • Declarations of health and character

Documents that the New Zealand eTA Online applicant

Means of supporting themselves

The applicant may be asked to provide evidence that they can financially support and sustain themselves during their stay in New Zealand. Either a bank statement of credit card may be required for an eTA New Zealand Visa applicant.

Onward/return flight or cruise ship ticket

The applicant may be required to show that they intend to leave New Zealand after the purpose of trip for which eTA New Zealand Visa was applied is over. An appropriate New Zealand Visa is required for a longer stay in New Zealand.

If the applicant does not have an onward ticket, they may provide the proof of funds and ability to buy a ticket in the future.